Employment Opportunities at Rolling Hills Clinic

Rolling Hills Clinic jobs come in all stripes. Whether you’re a Doctor, Physician Assistant, or Office Administrator, there’s an opportunity here for you.

Candidate Instructions for Applying:

1. Complete Rolling Hills Clinic Employment Application

Rolling Hills Clinic Employee Application (495 KB)

2. Rolling Hills Clinic Employment Application is required for all open positions.

3.Submit your application, resume, and references via email to Rolling Hills Clinic Human Resources jobs@rhclinic.org or fax: 530-690-2802.

4. Rolling Hills Clinic is a drug-free workplace and an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Please note the following Pre-Employment Requirements:

1. Provider Credentialing is required for all licensed providers.

2. Immunizations/Vaccinations.

3. TB/PPD Test.

4. Physical Examination.

The pre-employment requirements must be completed before hire date.

Thank you for your interest in employment at Rolling Hills Clinic!

Click Here to read a description of available positions:

Dentist (323 KB)

Dental Director (312 KB)

Registered Dental Assistant (315 KB)

Health Clinic Controller (320 KB)

Clinic Physician (323 KB)

Janitorial Maintenance Technician (322 KB)

Nurse Practitioner (321 KB)

Community Health Representative (310 KB)

Dental Schedule Coordinator (320 KB)

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